Todd Charles states, "I've been looking for a miniature 5-string banjo for years, one that's as playable as my Earl Scruggs Mastertone.  There's nothing really available except for cheap toy-like models.  Mockingbird Music Company's "Little Bear" piccolo banjo is the best investment I've made in a long time.  Hand-made just for me, complete with my initials for the inlay, this banjo's neck rivals my Mastertone, and it produces the sweetest sound. I now have an excuse to play more banjo in my show, and I find it easier to carry around and practice on than my full size heavy Gibson."

Todd is one of the most multi-talented artists. A comedian and musician, he can have any crowd in stitches.  Visit his site at and see for yourself. 

Radim Zenkl (on Mockingbird Music Company's "The Desert Flower") - "The Best Resophonic mandolin I've heard", "Great tone and projection". The Desert Flower is featured on Zenkl's latest CD, Restless Joy, on a piece entitled "At the End of Summer" (Track 7).  Click here to hear a sample of Radim's fabulous musicianship!

Bela Fleck of The Flecktones on our "Nelsonian" nylon string mandolin, "Smooth", Radim Zenkl quips. "Perfect!" says Mike Lewandowski, "The first of it's kind.  Excellent sound and projection, wonderful playability, gorgeous finish and workmanship.  Everything I wanted and more!"

Thadd Comstock on his custom seven string microtonal guitar, "This instrument lived up to and far beyond my wildest expectations.  Glenn had the ability to take my vision and create a truly outstanding instrument.  I recommend Mockingbird Music Company to anyone. The balance of tone and ease of playability both surprised me, and the instrument has drawn out of me aspects of my playing that I had previously only suspected was there." 

Thadd has released 2 CDs. one called "One of Many Faces" including an ingenious composition called "Twenty-five Frets and Counting", and another called "The Saucer Sessions". Both CDs feature the 7-string microtonal acoustic guitar featured in the guitar section of our gallery.

Email Thadd at

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