accepted - Great site for historical data and info about your vintage banjo.

Wide Open Spaces - Local Bluegrass with a touch of new-grass!   Beautiful harmonies and great musicianship.  Check 'em out!!! - web site of Radim Zenkl, the mandolinist for the new Millenium. - mere words cannot describe Todd, banjo virtuoso and comedian. Todd is currently playing one of our "Little Bear" piccolo five string banjos in his act and was featured on the 2001 American Comedy Awards. - Geoff Bartley is a fantastic singer/songwriter and guitar virtuoso. Deep, heartfelt lyrics, exquisite vocals and guitar. Winner of the prestigious Winfield, Kansas National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship. Check out his CD's!! "Interstates" is currently in heavy rotation in our studio!

Bluegrass Banjo Teachers International Directory - A new site for locating a top five string instructor in your area.  Check it out! - A great site for banjo players of all types. Lots of free tab, tips, reviews and advice. Highly recommended!!!!! - The great new web site for "Dave Pike and The Good Old Boys",  New England's finest "Retro country Band!!! Check 'em out and see some of our instruments in action. - The great  web site for "Fishken and Groves",  New England's own "Super-Retro" country/cowboy/folk duo!!! Check them out and pickup their new CD "Going to the West" featuring Geoff Bartley. - If you have not seen or heard this Indiana singer/songwriter, do so immediately!    Pick up his highly recommended CD's, "Heartland" and "Coyotes Dream".  You will not be sorry you did!

Katrin - An outstanding Ma. based singer/songwriter.  Energy, great songwriting and fabulous delivery!     Her recent CD "Nature Spirit" is truly inspired and Katrin tells us she is currently working on another.   We look forward to it!!!

Alison Lee Freeman - Alison is a great writer and singer of traditional folk songs, modern originals and great old Sea Chanteys.   A seasoned performer that you can really connect with, Alison hails from Maine and plays all over the East Coast.

Robin O'Herin - Robin comes from Western Ma.   Her renderings of vintage Gospel tunes in the blues style is truly outstanding.  Robin performs on both resophonic and flat-top guitars, bottleneck and finger-picked styles including Robert Johnson, Willie McTell, etc.   Check out her CD's


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