The instruments showcased here are hand-crafted in our shop from design conception to fruition with tremendous detail, "perfectionist" workmanship, and select materials.


Our creation is your creation.  You can become involved in deciding on certain aspects of design of your custom instrument.  We specialize in fine performance banjos, archtop and flattop guitars, mandolins, mandocellos, basses, as well as microtonal instruments.

Please keep in mind that each if the instruments exhibited were custom built, and their images used here solely to demonstrate the unique personality of each instrument. If you are interested in any aspect of an instrument, please indicate that when ordering

The newest designs available are:

"The Stingray":  An outrageous electric banjo which provides a fantastic natural banjo tone at very high volume levels without feedback.

"The Mockingbird":  An innovative limited edition acoustic banjo for the new millenium.

"JOTO":  Our new line, also limited, exemplifying the mysticism of the depths of our oceans. A gorgeous modern cutaway acoustic guitar with heavy inlaywork on the top, photos to be featured soon.  This will be quite the "must have"!

"Little Bear":  A small seven-inch rim with a sixteen inch scale neck, five-string piccolo banjo with incredible projection and clarity.  Great travel and practice banjo!  Click here for "Little Bear" photos

"The Mirage":  A unique "headless" electric "banjo" which provides a nice warm jazz tone with plenty of sustain.  Looking for something that travels well, plays like a banjo and sounds like a jazz guitar?   Click here for photos



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